Hail from Nigeria. Author of romance novel, Remember me and the dark suspense, blind murder. When she is not writing she is working on her blog. 

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A Girl called Omoye

a girl called omoye

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A sweet first love story gone wrong, in every possible way. Let me tell you a story about a girl called Omoye. We were just kids when I met her for the first time, I was drawn to her like we were meant to be in each other life somehow. I believe that when I fell in love with her. All we did was play as kids do. I chased her around the street, it’s not my fault that we were not alone. It’s not my fault that he took her with him. It is not my fault I couldn’t stop him. It’s not my fault that he stole her innocence, Right? i was a kid. Yet, as I look into her eyes right now I can’t help but be ridden with guilt. I did this to her. I hurt her. I am determined to protect her, i am grown not a child this time. I am determined to make things right. I can’t make the same mistake twice...

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