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The House Keeper

the house keeper

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Charity Efete was coming home from her job as a salesgirl when she saw an advert for the position of a housekeeper at one of the Averos' mansion. On the day of the interview, she left early and got to the mansion in time. However, what she expected wasn't what she got. Going for that interview was the beginning of a new chapter in her life....

Faith Weds, Not Grace. Book 1

faith weds, not grace. book 1

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Grace is getting married to an accidental husband because she got pregnant for him. She has no choice as her family insists she must marry him to spare them shame. But when she wakes up on the day of the white wedding only to discover she now lives in her best friend's body, all hell breaks lose as intimate and very fearful secrets are revealed. What happens next? Find out in this interesting novella. You'll enjoy it. ...

Susan's Diary 1-4 (Valentine Copy)

susan's diary 1-4 (valentine copy)

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Susan's Diary 1-4. This is a valentine promo copy selling at half the price for all 4 copies. Don't fail to seize the opportunity to get yours. Happy Valentine!...

Faith Weds, Not Grace - Book 2

faith weds, not grace - book 2

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Grace now lives in Nigeria. Faith lives in London with Alex. Only those very close to them know about their body swap arrangement. They pretend like all is well for them. But deep down, they are facing the most challenging time of their lives. Will Bridget strike them again? Find out in this interesting paranormal novella. You'll enjoy it. ...

No Bullshit Guide To Making a Full-Time Living as a Freelance Wri

no bullshit guide to making a full-time living as a freelance wri

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This book is a must read for every writer new to, or just starting out in the business of freelance writing and looking to land paying clients. It Is The "NO BULLSHIT GUIDE TO MAKING A FULL-TIME LIVING AS A FREELANCE WRITER" and it contains 6 practical steps to building a freelance writing business for newbies, and anyone who has been in this business before, but quit due to not knowing how to tackle the different challenges they encountered....