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Mbok Don't Kopa Me

mbok don't kopa me

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Pages: 122 | Chapters: 28 This is Badiru Kehinde’s full length work of Creative Non-fiction. In his words: Creative non-fiction to me is an experimental genre of writing; hence, he decided to see how he can blend poetry with personal memoir-writing. Here, he writes about his Service year experience with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) of Nigeria. Badiru was able to produce a recipe gotten from a blend of creative non-fiction, diary writing and poetry. For him he chose to call this genre; Poemoir In his words: I’ve always wanted to capture all the moments’ memories on the pages of a memoir. I've also had people slide in my DM saying; "won't you write all the experiences of NYSC for us to read?" Yea, I thought I could write what the next generation(s) would forever benefit from. In this memoir, I share with you priceless experiences from my service year. Every corps member had an idea of where they should be posted to, but my case was different. How I handled culture-shock, my various explorations, shuttled between home [South-West] and abroad [South-South] in my head, writings at this moment, the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), Alawee stories, the memories of the Editorial CDS and my personal Literary community development service (CDS) project, to mention but a few, grace this memoir. I intend this to be a NYSC Bible for many prospective corps members. This way, you can beat the reality - hopefully - while baking your dreams in a flour of expectations. What does it mean to be an Akwa Ibom Kopa? (Corps member in Akwa Ibom) I wasn't posted to a school, government Office, organization and what have you, so where, and why? What if you discover that NYSC is beyond wearing a Khaki, going for CDS, taking pictures and waiting for a monthly pea-nut? Absolutely, this is 1 year some will either forever regret or forever adore. You will find these in this book. Things you didn't know about Akwa Ibom are there in also. And for those who dream of serving there, this is a must read. And as Orange boots are replaced by suits, what next? Prepare your mind as you travel through this book. Publisher: Hub201 Media, Okadabooks Published: March, 2018. ...

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I Know Why Your Mother Cries

i know why your mother cries

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I Know Why Your Mother Cries (IKWYMC) is not just a collection of poetry but a manifestation of the tears Mothers have cried and still cry. The collection is engaging, utilizes humour, collective imagery and creates a special eureka feeling which every one no matter class,age or gender can relate with. It addresses almost every motifs of life. Every one born of a woman should find pleasure in this beauty. And the beauty lies in the tears your mother sheds... "But with your woman's tears, the world becomes complete" (Stanza 15) IKWYMC is a poetry about love, feminism, motherhood, failed promises, poverty, corruption, will, injustice, leadership, hope and the dream we collectively share. "The language is simple, almost prosaic in order to make the message clear to the masses that he represents..." Professor Hope Eghagha (From Foreward)...

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