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Raising Smarter Kids

raising smarter kids

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With the current innovations in the technological space and the role of artificial intelligence in making the world smarter, it becomes unsustainable to raise our kids with moribund principles that do not adequately prepare children for the future. It is therefore vital to review these out-dated parental principles and come up with new strategies in raising our kids to become indispensable in a smart world. These thoughts birthed the need to write the book ‘Raising Smarter Kids’. In reality, no child is born unintelligent; therefore, raising a smarter kid is totally dependent on the strategies deployed by parents, guardians, and teachers in engaging their children. A solid foundation is essential to the growth and development of a child. Hence, in this book, I clearly spelled out the roles parents may play from the womb and preschool days of a child in creating a safe haven for the child. Articulately stating the key principles parents, guardians, teachers and the school management may implement in raising smarter kids. ...

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