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Raising Smarter Kids

raising smarter kids

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There is an emerging problem associated with insufficient parenting of children in contemporary times and thus the huge vacuum created needs to be filled. This book is a major attempt to fill the huge gap and arrest the ugly trend and hence a wakeup call to all would-be parents, parents, school teachers plus proprietors alike of this generation; drawing their attention to the urgent need for sufficient parenting so as to fully harness and optimize the inherent talents and potentialities in young children from their early stage of infanthood through childhood, adolescence to adulthood in other to make the child a more enhanced and well-rounded person. Do you think your child is lagging behind academically, do you think your child's moral values are being compromised or do you have challenges with how your kids interface with others outside the homefront? Then you need this book, the strategies slated therein are proven principles for effective parenting. This is also an awesome manual for parents to be....