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TAUNTON TOWN: Fellowship of the Dark

taunton town: fellowship of the dark

69 reads

Fourteen years ago when Lewis Penners hurried into the forbidden forest with a book hitched under his arm, his son, Mark was nine. Now, Mark is twenty-three and is curious to investigate his father’s disappearance. Alas, he stumbles upon bigger troubles. A serial killer enters the city; pagan riders raise enchanted swords; the moon cleaves in the sky; someone presumed dead is alive....

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Can't Win This War

can't win this war

7 reads

A retired British spy, Gabriel Hobbs and an American CIA boss, John Penn ally delicately with Francis Whyte, a notorious assassin who grew up in Nigeria to avert the birth of World War III. But with motives ulteriorly withsitting, a fraternity of warmongers finds the right spot to hit. World War III is imminent; creatures of the night pull to walk the day; love ties face severance; a war that cannot be won has to be fought....

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Francis Is Alive

francis is alive

300 reads

Francis Whyte, a notorious assassin who was supposedly dead is spotted arriving Nigeria at an airport. The CIA believes he's in Nigeria to assassinate the president. At the same time, Majeed Akintola and Olawunmi Oni, two lovers who defraud people on the internet receive their latest American victim as a guest. Has this guest, Michael Livingstone, arrived at the wrong time or is he the assassin as many would come to believe? Criminal dynasties, Intelligence Agencies and leagues of assassins who have scores to settle with Francis Whyte are headed to Nigeria. Francis Whyte's resurrection brings along with it; a love story, a paranormal haunt and a disturbing increase in crime rate on the streets of Lagos....

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The Rich, the Poor, the Miserable Love

the rich, the poor, the miserable love

5 reads

Adebayo, a young adventurous teacher meets Toro, an upper class lady and Cupid's arrow hits home, setting off ripples of intrigues, tensions and anticipations. Adebayo mounts a passionate love campaign but Cupid's match does not meet the approval of Teju; Toro's brother who safekeeps his sister for a more worthy partner. Adebayo also faces opposition from a colleague and a student whose obsessive crush on him leads her to spin scandalous webs. A lost pregnancy; an abduction; an atmosphere of blackmail and pretence, two lovers find themselves at war with each other....

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