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Go Girl: You Have All It Takes

go girl: you have all it takes

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We are all construction workers; we are building our lives and in one way or the other involved in building the lives of others. We are either creating something or fixing something. For some, it is conscious and intentional; for others, it is unconscious and unintentional. It is important we realize that the life that becomes uniquely fulfilling is one we must build and create intentionally: armed with the necessary tools and required knowledge. You have a Creator and as His creation, you are also a creator. This book is specially dedicated to every girl out there; as well as young individuals. who long for meaning and improvement in their lives. This book will take you on a journey of self-awakening and self-discovery towards self-mastery, with the aim of ensuring that you are well equipped and furnished to build and lead an impactful life....

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