A writer inspired by the Most High God, the Almighty. A caregiver with a sense of duty! And a lover of God. 

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Amara is a beautiful, smart, young woman. Being highly sought-after, she enjoys a life she tags deluxe. Pregnancy knocks on her door at thirty-two, widening her horizon, and she realises love has multiple definitions. What is it to love? What is it to be loved? What definition of love is true? Find out in this inspiring book, LOVED. ...

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mended wings

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Ella Jacobs is an enchanting woman in her late twenties. She is a devoted believer, an icon in her church and a role model to hundreds of sisters. Joel Mason is a handsome, promising young man, the kind that steals women’s hearts in half a second. He’s a believer, a seasoned preacher, and a sought-after song minister. Kunle Adedoyin is a plain young man, who has the support of Ella’s aunt, desiring a lasting relationship with Ella. Caught between Kunle, who is tenaciously in love with her, and Joel, the man of her dreams, Ella must choose a life partner. Her decision will determine her future. What will she do? Who will she choose? What will the future unravel? ...

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