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Dance with me

dance with me18+

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DANCE WITH ME is a captivating love story that keeps the reader engrossed to the end. Chima falls in love with Tunmi right from the start of their friendship in the university, but buries his feelings and remains close friends with her because his father had insisted that he marries only a woman from his own tribe. Tunmi remains single after she is deeply hurt by her first love and stays friends with Chima for years without developing romantic feelings or thoughts towards him. She is soon engaged to be married to another man. They both continue their friendship choosing to ignore the stirings of their hearts. Will they remain just friends forever? Will Chima overcome his stubborn stance or his father's prejudice? Will Tunmi be happy in her new marriage? DANCE WITH ME is an entertaining and rich in incidents. A love story marred by ethnicity and cultural differences. Find out if love wins. and how....

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