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The Poise Woman

the poise woman

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Meet Onah, a young naive girl who learned life lessons through a toxic relationship that left her heart broken. What was she to do? She encounters a wealthy arrogant man who thinks he can get anything he wants with money. she eventually bounces back after she found solace in real friendship of Jasmine, a classy business woman who loves the luxury lifestyle. Mary her colleague in the office who had become her confidant and a soul sister She learns to build great relationships and better life....

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VAMOOSE - Adult Only (18+)

vamoose - adult only (18+)18+

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I knew it was the right time to exit. I opened the door and walked as fast as I could, at least I needed to save the only thing that gave me joy- My baby! I was very close to the entrance door. I had made it, I smiled to myself. I passed out! Something strange happened. I saw myself leaving my body, yet the body I left was breathing and bleeding. Then I realized no one saw me. Was I a ghost?...

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