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Because I Said So

because i said so

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When I was in J.S 2, my dad had gotten to the rank of a lieutenant in the Nigerian Army and when addressing him on paper, 'LT' had to come before his name. My classmates and teachers would act weird around me whenever I was writing his name; either on a report or filling out a form or anything at all. Someone had even asked me why I talked about him in the present tense and I was puzzled. I didn't understand any of the reactions I got when I talked about him. I felt it was the general discomfort people have around you when you mention your father is a soldier. One day, I told a random classmate that my father would be coming for a school event and he said, "How? I thought he is dead!" and the students who heard him asked him to shut up. "God forbid! Who told you that?" I asked no one in particular as I looked at the individual faces of those who shut him up. "You always put 'Late' in front of his name na" someone said. "Ah! No o! It's short for "Lieutenant", his rank in the Army" I explained. Everyone was stunned as they chorused "Oooooohhhh..." in realization. Soon, teachers got the clarification and I gave myself credit for contributing to the knowledge of the entire school. They now know another meaning for 'LT' because of me. They are welcome....

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