I'm a writer based in Nairobi, Kenya. I love fiction, and started writing quite a while back. My books include Save My Heart, Koya’s Choice, The... more

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Life on the Fast Track

life on the fast track

289 reads

Jasmine and Danny struggle to forge a future together, despite their many differences. When Danny’s life choices place his life in danger, Jasmine must find the courage to stand with him when he faces a villainous adversary. Can they make it together? Is love enough to make them last forever?...

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The Girl with a Golden Smile

the girl with a golden smile

3K reads

Nalia is in a bad marriage. One rainy night, she runs out of her house in desperation and almost gets hit by Nicholas's pickup truck. He saves her from the rain, but is curious about the bruises on her face. Nalia finds courage to speak the truth of her bruises after spending a few hours in Nicholas's company. Can she escape an abusive marriage altogether with his help? Nicholas saves a woman on a rainy night, and finds that he can't forget her charming smile....

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Save My Heart

save my heart

1K reads

Leila Karani fell in love thinking it was forever. She got pregnant, and went to see her boyfriend Nathan Njeru thinking he'd support her and their baby, but she was wrong. Nathan doesn't love her anymore and instead urges her to abort their baby. Eight years later, Leila is a single mother running a fabric and tailoring shop in Nairobi city, and the only thought in her mind is the happiness of her child. When a Fashion Design opportunity comes her way, she runs into Nathan again. Now she must decide what is best for her daughter, especially when she learns why Nathan was cruel to her. Can Leila learn to forgive and allow her heart to love a man she's hated for so long?...

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