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Through His Eyes

through his eyes

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During her trip to Benin for her first marital rite, Esme became intimately aware of her instant attraction and connection to a dismissively arrogant passenger. What becomes of her attraction, even as she observed her first marital rite. Is love ever truly guaranteed? Find out in "Through His Eyes"....

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Many nights, she saw him in her dreams, a tall handsome gentleman. Skin as flawless as Italian leather moves with the grace of a King. How she's pictured him taking her in his arms to feel his warm embrace and hear him speak the magic words every girl loves to her mind she pictured him coming closer and closer till their nose touched in anticipation of that first kiss...then the phone rang...Audrey has been here too many times to even feel angry over her interrupted dream, for deep down, something told her the kiss will eventually come. ...

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Raped at a tender age, Etel's life took a spiraling downward turn when she's kicked out of home by her parents and the community that was meant to protect her. Abandoned and with no help she becomes an escort. Toughened by the constant hardships of life in modern-day Nigeria, this once gentle flower is willing to share what was taken from her at a price. She becomes a woman on a mission to use lust as her weapon and eventually get back at a society that once shamed and neglected her. What becomes of a quest when doubts set in? How does a broken and betrayed heart learn to forgive and love again?...

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Butterfly Kisses

butterfly kisses

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Uwaila carries the scars of Deceit, betrayal, loneliness, and despair. She has a child to raise and no money how does she navigate this maze of struggles and high tides in a society so entrenched in secrets, myths, and beliefs. Punished by the love of a man, stabbed by the trust of a friend, with holes in her life, holes in her heart, and a hole in her bed, how does she keep her fire burning? Can she overcome her many scars and love again?...

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