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the holy spirit in the life of elijah

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The Bible bears record of several prophets and how the Almighty God did great things through them. However, few, indeed if any, impacted the nation of Israel like Elijah. This book is the culmination of three-year study of the move of the Holy Spirit in the life of Elijah, highlighting numerous and profound lessons for every Christian. Through Elijah, the man credited with the famous saying “The God that answereth by fire, let him be God!”, God addressed numerous issued in the lives of His children. As you read this book, the God that answereth by fire will indeed address all the issues of your life in the mighty name of Jesus. ...

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secrets of fasting and prayer

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There are many great blessings God releases upon Christians who lead a lifestyle of fasting and prayer. It is however saddening that many Christians do not receive these blessings primarily because they either do not fast at all or they fast and pray amiss. This book is a compilation of lessons the Holyspirit taught me over the past four decades on how to fast and pray in an acceptable manner to God. I am led to share these golden secrets in this book so everyone can benefit from the same way I have. It is my prayer that as you read and practice the teachings in this book, God will reward you abundantly with blessings far beyond your expectations in Jesus' name. Amen....

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stronger than your enemies

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Do you know that you were created to be a champion? You were created to have dominion and as a believer in Jesus Christ, it is a complete abnormality to be vanquished by any enemy whether physical, material or spiritual. Stronger than your Enemies is an expose on deep scriptural truths that guarantee the championship status of every believer in Christ. This book is an instructional manual for anyone who wants to make progress in every aspect of life. As you read this book, the Almighty God will indeed make you Stronger than your Enemies, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen....

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The Kingdom Love

the kingdom love

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Kingdom love has to do with the strong lifting the weak, the rich reaching out to the poor, the joyful helping to make the sorrowful happy, the ‘haves’ reaching out to the ‘have-nots’, the healed reaching out to the sick, and the young helping the old. The purpose of this book therefore is to re-establish all that is missing on earth in terms of God's kind of love....

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Time Of Favour

time of favour

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This book explains why the best human efforts still fail. It shows why the most unlikely candidates for success emerge on top. The author writes that the time of God’s favour is the most important in the entire span of a man’s life. One day of favour is better than a thousand days of labour without favour from above. Pastor E. A. Adeboye explores the mysteries of divine favour with great incisiveness, pointing out that God’s favour, not human ability, is what differentiates success from failure and the rich from the poor. In this book, you will discover to your amazement: • What favour means • Why people miss God’s favour • How to key into the time of God’s favour • The unlimited success achievable through God’s favour. Inability to discern the time of God’s favour is the bane of fulfilment in many lives, then he shows convincingly that the time of God’s favour is not far from those who can discern it. How do you find the time of God’s favour? That is why you must read this book. ...

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