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HELP, I Am Going Through A Breakup!

help, i am going through a breakup!

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My intention is to offer you counsel that will not only deal with the now, but help you move forward towards the relationship and marriage you envisaged before the pain. The aim is to lead you through considerations that will help you heal, build the right mindset, pick up the right lessons and become that person who doesn’t just go again but who hits it when next you choose to have a relationship. I am particularly passionate about this subject because, how you respond in a breakup matters in how your life turns out. The world will have so much on offer in terms of what you can do with this difficult season. Some wisdom will come to you that are clearly sensible, others sensual and devilish. You need wholesome words now and the wisdom that is from above. I actually congratulate you for choosing to read at this time. I confess, it is hard to do what you are doing but you have made a perfect choice. You will find life here....

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love and submission

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In this book, I take the time to travel through the concepts of love and submission as taught in scriptures and argue that gaining the right perspective on the concept of ‘Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church’ and ‘Wives, submit to your own husbands as unto the Lord’ will revolutionize the marriage of any couple. It is a journey you cannot begin if you do not have an open heart that pursues greater understanding of the concept of love and submission and in particular God’s intention concerning marriage. I will therefore request that you proceed to read each chapter with a desire to interact with godly counsel and find the right understanding. ...

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will you marry me?

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Your choice of a life partner will define the rest of your life and this is not something to take lightly. I won’t bore you with so much in the introduction. I will simply invite you into the book to examine your considerations and weigh your thoughts. In the end, you will find yourself putting your suitors on the right scale or putting yourself on the scale to see how balanced your considerations are. When I see marriages fail, I feel terribly bad because the trend can be arrested if single people can be told the truth. The truth is not far, many of these marriages did not fail at the marriage phase, marriage was just the imploding ground for a relationship wrongly founded. It is my hope therefore that you will find this book simple and easy to read. I pray also that as you follow the wisdom shared in this book, your testimony will be that, ‘I read it, applied it and my life has turned out so good!’ Enjoy a great read. ...

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knowing god's will for marriage

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I have not met anyone who wants to make a mistake in their choice of a life partner. As believers, we want to make sure that our decision is both sensible and spiritual. We also want to ensure that our future is secure based on the decision we made. This has led to a situation where single people want to know and be in God’s will. The understanding is that being in ‘God’s will’ is being in the secure place and ensuring that mistakes do not happen. The pursuit of ‘God’s will’ in this sense has led to many questions, chief of which is ‘how to know God’s will’ or how to be in God’s will. Indeed, God has a will in every matter including the subject of who to get married to. However, many people have totally missed the point as to how God gets involved in the issue of marriage. In this book, I take a look at the common misconceptions about hearing from God. I particularly take a look at different ways by which many have tried to be led by God and examine these forms of hearing God through scriptures. I examine the inner witness, inner voice, audible voice, dreams, visions, trances and third party voices such as Parents, Pastors and Prophets. In conclusion, I examine the place of hearing God vis-à-vis making a decision. I believe that as you read through this book, you will find clarity....

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hubby and wifey checklist

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There are questions we must ask in life before we hand the rest of our lives to an experience with someone else! Definitely, none of us wants to hand the rest of our entire lives to the ‘unknown’. We always want to have a clue to things and more so into mindset of a person who will have the awesome privilege to craft our life's experiences. Like a traveler, you are getting married to head somewhere. You do not board a plane to just any destination because you love the color of the aircraft; you board a plane or take a trip with the destination paramount in your mind! This book will therefore ask questions and make sure you think about some really serious questions that touch on the foundations of your future in marriage. We ask questions meant for him, her and both of you and guide your considerations where necessary....

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