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Written based on the recent brouhaha concerning the latest strategy used by the popular government of “Yahoo boys". An inside story of a girl who is mistaken to be mentally unstable after she meets her supposed “Prince Charming”....

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Broken wings

broken wings

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After being trapped in a self created bubble of loneliness and depression. A young undergraduate uses literature as a temporary escape from the pressure she passes through. This crisis adds fuel to the flames of the love she has for literature but the pressure from her family forces her to settle for whatever life serves on the table. ...

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The story revolves around a young law student who is blinded by the lust she has for her supposed lover. Regardless the warnings from her cousin and friend, She clings to him knowing fully well that He is a cultist. After the occurrence of an unforeseen brouhaha caused by the unhealthy rivalry between her lover and his neighbor,she is left in a state of shock and dismay. She doesn't make use of the opportunity by fleeing from him but even draws closer to him. Her actions results in the endangerment of her life as well as that of her family. This story is inspired by the young undergraduates who are thirsty for the discovery of love at a very early stage. ...

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