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Red Rose

red rose

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Red Rose is the love story between Princess Anyanwu of the Odudu Kingdom and the handsome blacksmith Odum. It was love at first sight for them making them ignore their different status. Their first encounter was when Anyanwu went to get the sword Odum made on special order by the King to be presented to Agu the Village head warrior for leading their troops to victory. All was all flowers and rainbow until the jealous heart of Agu who has always believed that the Princess was his became their greatest obstacle. Agu challenged Odum to a duel over the princess the same day Odum discovered he wasn't from Odudu Kingdom and the person he has known as a father all his life wasn't really his father. Though strong being weakened by the news of his childhood Odum was left vulnerable. Agu defeated him and thought he has killed him decided to dump his body into the stream since no one was around to witness the duel....... ...

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Accidental Brother book two

accidental brother book two

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Am such a fool I kept thinking as tears rolled down my eyes, I don't care about the awkward glance people are giving me I just couldn't control the tears. Mercy was right all men are the same, if Mike could cheat on her even after all his love then what makes Devil different. It would've been better if I didn't come to surprise him, I would still be living the lie and putting into account how heartbroken I am, the lie is not a bad idea. I remembered what we have been through, the court, the school, Oliver, and everything, I thought he was it for me. I looked at my finger and the ring he gave me still shines, it is a silver ring, if he knew he would be tempted by other girls why bother with the promise ring. I made the attempt to remove it, as it is the first time ever I found myself weak and unable to remove it, instead I wept. Will Cupcake and Devil be able to keep their love and their heart with Devils ugly past standing in their way....

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Accidental Brother

accidental brother

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"Why do you keep tormenting me?" I asked with closed eye trying my best not to cry "Cause it's fun, cupcake" he whispered to my ear "And for the last time, my name is not cupcake, devil," I said with close teeth then walked away Cause I know I can't keep down my tears for long, I don't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry "Neither is my name devil," he said to me, I kept walking since am already crying, I heard him giggle and that made me hate him more, he is truly the devil. Esther's mom is now married and she is happy because her new father is kind to her, but her supposed stepbrother has nothing better to do than make her life miserable. He calls her Cupcake and she calls him devil. What happens when the hatred turns to love...

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Loving You

loving you

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Olivia Agu reject her first love Mark cause of what the public will say. But faith was kind she got him back, only this time with a terrible disease. "I was like a man travelling in a desert, I was thirsty very thirsty, so I longed for water, then luckily I saw an olive tree with dew drops on it, I use the dew drops to quench my thirst hoping it will work" he said and gave me a tender look "did it work" I asked "after I took it, I became dehydrated, I now long for that water now more than ever, you are the water, when you kissed me, I thought it will quench the thirst, but no it made me want more" he said, closing his eyes like to get hold of himself....

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My Bodyguard

my bodyguard

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Its a love story about Jennifer Kings and her Bodyguard Leo, how they struggle to survive though they're world apart What" I screamed and he fell, thats when I noticed the blood on the ground, he took the bullet for me, no no "call an ambulance" I screamed and crushed down at side "why, why, why" I asked as tears ran down my cheek "My life for yours kitty" Leo said in a shaky voice, ...

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