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A Flash in the Pan - Adult Only (18+)

a flash in the pan - adult only (18+)18+

2 reads

It is actually more than a flash in the pan. It is something feisty, slutty and steamy....

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The Lady In Red

the lady in red18+

5 reads

Cyril is a dude who will not let a beautiful lady pass him by. He is overwhelmed when he succeeds in becoming the lover of beautiful and glamorous Joy, a former campus colleague. He however gets more than he bargains for with this lady in red....

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I Did Not Rape Christiana

i did not rape christiana

18 reads

Christiana and Sunday happen to be working in the same place. A casual relationship developes between them and they are soon cruising in 'cloud seven.' When he thinks he has got a better partner, he attempts to ditch Christiana. This backfires and he finds the accusation of rape dangling round his neck. Thankfully, his now love, Faith, has faith in him. With determination, Sunday is able to overcome the other obstacles put across his way. Caution: Story has some adult contents....

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Less Than Nothing (18+)

less than nothing (18+)

23 reads

The very moment Ola starts eyeing Moni, the wife of his employer, he steps out of bound. Moni is beautiful, exotic and desirable. Blinded by lust and material benefits, he ignores all the ominous signs to pursue what he desires. He achieves his aims but pays the price of becoming less than nothing. CAUTION This story contains explicit sex scenes...

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A Bolt from the Blue (18+)

a bolt from the blue (18+)

55 reads

Boye starts in a humble way by working as a chauffeur for a very rich man. He soon starts a relationship with Jane, a fellow employee of Otunba Olu Johnson. In a dramatic twist, Jane ends the blossoming relationship. After a while, Boye starts another relationship with Stella. He is just thinking of proposing to her when she releases another bolt from the blue. CAUTION: This story contains explicit adult contents....

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