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Love Is a Dangerous Game

love is a dangerous game

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Margaret and Lara share a lot in common, apart from friendship. However, when Lara becomes intimate with Margaret's ex-lover, Tony, the fabric of their friendship becomes threatened and strained. Love becomes a game, a dangerous one, in which only the adroit can win. ...

Captives of Lust

captives of lust

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Funmi is a wife of a rich business mogul. She has everything going on well in her life. The appearance of Nancy on the scene threatens to sweep Funmi’s husband away and to destroy everything Funmi has labored for. She will not take this. She is prepared to go to any length to fight for what she believes is hers, including street fighting. However, the fight goes beyond the physical, and thankfully, she soon realizes this. As for the man, he too realizes that the affair with the other lady is nothing other than an experience of captivity. ...

The Deadly Seduction  (1)

the deadly seduction (1)

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At the beginning, it was supposed to be a harmless relationship. Frank, a good-looking, hardworking dude, wants Aaliyah as his love. The emergence of Nike and Nancy creates ripples which are not only dangerous, but detriment to the very survival of Frank and whatever love he professes for Aaliyah. ...

The Sweet Taboo

the sweet taboo

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Ayo is a man on the move. With a political job he gets in the federal capital city, the sky is the limit. Then, he commits two taboos. The first is with his wife’s sister; and the second is with Ms. Popo, the funky, beautiful single mother, close to fifty years old. Ayo faces serious repercussion. It is either he continues to enjoy the ‘sweetness’ of the infamous acts and damns the consequence; or he retraces his steps. Whichever decision he takes, things will never be the same for him again. ...

The Godmother (Story of an Ordinary Lady with Great Powers) - Adu

the godmother (story of an ordinary lady with great powers) - adu

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Rita is beautiful and desirable. When she meets Tope, he finds her attractive and bewitching. But Rita is not just an ordinary lady. In mystical ways, Tope passes some tests and becomes rich and famous, as promised by Rita. She becomes his godmother, and ultimately the one who decides every other thing for him, including how to live and how long he will live. ...