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Eternal Flames

eternal flames

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Our God knows that the best way to draw the attention of men to himself is through fire which is why he demonstrated it to His servant Moses in the burning bush - Exodus 3:2-3. He went ahead by making his ministers flames of fire for relevance and perpetual impact – Psalm 104:4 It is very obviius for every believer to know that the spirit of this age is against the saints of God. And the way to stand, have a voice and draw the attention of the world to Christ is to be fire personified like Prophet Elijah who through fire bent his generation to God. This is why this material work is released through one of God's end time army with a burden and passion to set his generation on fire for God with eternal flames that no force or opposition can quench. I believe this book will provide you an insight and comprehensive knowledge about what it takes to be aflame eternally and to be useful as an instrument of change we crave for in the body of Christ in this generation. I pray that God Almighty will grant us understanding as we go through this material of his Beloved son through Christ our Lord. Amen....

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