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Ten Steps To Being Debt Free

ten steps to being debt free

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To every problem there are solutions, The Knowledge you have is the power you also have to overcome your debt situation.There are so many consequences of being in debt, but the good news is that there is hope. The good news is that you can be debt free. This is I have written this book. If you apply the principles outlined in this book you will be on your way to being debt free. Even though we would look at principles, what I am more excited about is that because I believe in the supernatural I know that there would be some supernatural debt cancellations, payments etc. Even if you don’t believe in the super natural, you will agree that something happens when you decide to do something. Things begin to work out for you. You may call it the universe but I know it is God. ...

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The Richer Woman Workbook

the richer woman workbook

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This work book is based on the lessons from the book, The Richer Woman; it is your guide to applying the wisdom you glean from the book. Please endeavour to get a copy of the book The Richer Woman to make the most of this workbook. How many times have you read a book and three months later wondered why nothing seems to have changed despite the fact that you learnt very useful lessons from the book? Things just retain the status quo and it can be such a frustrating experience to be unable to apply the lessons learnt to your daily life, which is where it all matters. This is why you are holding this workbook today, I am determined to see you become The Richer Woman and you have in your hands a practical guide for this journey. I like to think about it as a discussion session where I get to hold you accountable....

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The Father's Daughter

the father's daughter

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This devotional style guide is intended to help you on your journey to a love relationship with the Father. This is a 21 day guide, however it is just the beginning of your life-long relationship with the Father which lasts for eternity. There are guidelines, activities, bible readings, questions, declarations etc included in this guide. Please note that we are doing these things out of love/relationship with The Father and not routine or for religious reasons. ...

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The Richer Woman

the richer woman

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The Richer™ Woman is the true story of a young woman's pursuit of wealth, taking her on a journey of career validation, personal identity, marital conflict, adultery and spiritual enlightenment, and leading her to the discovery of true wealth and purpose. A certified wealth and life coach, Omilola Oshikoya’s autobiographical debut is packed with wealth and life-coaching tips to help every woman live the Richer™ life: a truly well-rounded life that is successful, without the need to compromise on personal relationships in order to gain financial success....

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