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7rs of greatness

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Every revolution begins with a disruption of the way the mind works. A thought is so powerful that it can give birth to a dream, an idea. You cannot enjoy what you don’t believe in, and you will never attract what you do not celebrate. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing someone waste their gifts and talents. I am not trying to hurt your feelings, but I need to get in your face with the truth. Denial only holds you hostage until you take the responsibilities for your actions. Right thinking sustained long enough will produce greatness. Many people are walking aimlessly all over the world, not because they are poor, or they do not have the strength but because of the lack of will. They have lost faith in themselves and lost their self-confidence and are blind to the potentials they have within then, if only the pushed one more time. Greatness is not created, it has always been there, we just must align our thinking with it. And be doing so, greatness becomes visible to the outside world.Greatness is not achieved, its displayed. Greatness is always available to those willing to think in the way that allows it to manifest itself. The world belongs to the bold! So, I hope you will learn from this book that you can dream as big as you want because to dream is free! So, dream bigger and make your dreams a reality. There is no greatness achieved in small thinking. Small thinking is rooted in doubt, lack of confidence and lack of self-belief. It is important to see the world from the perspective of being limitless....

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