Author of Drowning Fears, The Petal of Agba To deny my love for books would be as ridiculous as denying my identity as a black woman and as a... more

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drowning fears

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Raped at fifteen, Temidayo Johnson was sure that her life had no meaning. It did not help that she was bullied at school and the relationship with her parents was not as smooth as it should be. Enitan Adedamola was her only friend until Azubuike Nnamdi came into the picture. Their own demons take the form of abuse and abandonment and this soon causes a strain on their friendship. Follow the story of these three on their journey to overcoming their fears, learning to forgive and understanding of the never ending love of God....

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The Petal of Agba (#CampusChallenge)

the petal of agba (#campuschallenge)

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Name: Omotayo Koleosho Level: 400 Department: Law School: University of Lagos Word Count: 4,976 Synopsis: Labake leads an ordinary life until she encounters a strange flower that changes the course of her life forever....

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