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Poems Ancient & Modern

poems ancient & modern

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Poems speak for themselves, but backstories give interesting insights. In these “Collected Poems” (I avoided that worn title) I decided to give the backstory to each poem (just as I did to each essay in Vowels in the Air). When I saw the backstory lengths were uneven, I decided to restrict each to just two lines, putting all those lessons on precis to use. This would mean, of course, that some would be more explicit than others; some fairly complete, and others inevitably hanging. But, for the hanging ones, there lies the thrill. As Johnny Nash would sing, “The more I find out, the less I know”. And as Alexander Pope would write, “New distant scenes of endless science rise!” - Emmanuel Frank-Opigo...

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The Song of Our Father

the song of our father

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“The Song of our Father is an experimental prosaic poetry that has history, culture, and tradition as its primary backdrop. Opigo’s verses might defy classification because they don’t fall neatly into any particular genre, style or trend in poetry. This is totally new and it is written in the tradition of long-versed and epic poetry like Milton’s The Pilgrim Progress, Okot B’Itek’s Songs of Lawino and even Tade Ipadeola’s Sahara Testament. The collection is inspired by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales only that this covers a larger rubric and canvas than the former. In this collection Opigo experiments with a style of poetry, we can loosely refer to as “non-fiction poetry”. It has characters that are straight out of Nigeria’s history and even the poet’s life. It has a certain level of originality that gives the collection credence and makes the reader want to go out looking for these allusions in history, textbooks, and other narratives.” – EUGENE YAKUBU, Book Reviewer & Critic...

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