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Whispers Of Dawn

whispers of dawn

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MINA Life can be tough but I’m not going to let it beat me down. Giving in to my emotions and letting my heart rule me has never been on the cards. Staying on top continually, whatever it takes, is the name of the game. NIFEMI I never imagined that I’d fall in love with a woman like Mina. But one look into those eyes and I was totally floored. Worse still, I don’t seem to have the will to walk away from her. But how do I convince her that vulnerability is not necessarily weakness? How do I draw her out from the thick fortresses she’s built around her heart? BEAUTIFUL AND SASSY Mina has life all figured out. She has learned that toughness is needed to withstand the curve balls that life may throw at her, and she has fully embraced that toughness. But the entrance of Nifemi into her life tempts her to discard her beliefs. With Nifemi’s help, she starts learning to trust again and believe in “happily-ever-afters” until events happen that open up old wounds. Will Mina allow the hurts she’s kept hidden for so long finally get healed or will she find it easier to retreat within the walls she’s built around herself?...

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A Dance With Destiny (Heritage Series Book 1)

a dance with destiny (heritage series book 1)

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Aleena has earned her spot in the corporate world and proven she’s not just the boss’s daughter. She’s also in a relationship with hotshot cardiologist, Tosin Adelaja, and her life appears very much on course. But she’s chagrined that the memory of the callous words she had overheard from Jayden Idris, her father’s godson, several years earlier still had the power to haunt her. Jayden’s opinion had dented her confidence and she had made a promise to herself never to let him close to her. But life seems to have different plans for her, and in the circles she moves in, Jayden is not someone she can really avoid. When Tosin’s simmering resentment against her family’s social status becomes a recurrent battle, Aleena is prepared to fight for their relationship. Will Aleena be able to convince Tosin to let go of his inhibitions, and can she fight the forces that seem bent on throwing Jayden and her together?...

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To Live Again

to live again

137 reads

Some chances in life only come once. She had already had hers at love and would not dare expect more. When Fayona's husband was killed in a plane crash five years earlier, she made up her mind there would be no goodbyes between them and she was determined to keep the memories of their time together as her constant companion. But Jason Ola-Daniels had other ideas and he was out to make Fayona see that life offered more chances than she thought. He just didn't bargain for the stiff resistance from her. Will Fayona allow Jason scale the walls she has built around herself? Can she overcome the fear of losing another man she loves? What about the societal and family expectations that Jason, scion of the Ola-Daniels dynasty marry someone who has never been married? To Live Again is a story about undying love, second chances, emotional healing and learning to trust once more....

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Still Waters

still waters

427 reads

Tired of being the person everyone turned to for help, Tiwa felt it was about time her own life got sorted too. She had been a maid-of-honour more times than she cared to remember, and all she wanted now was to meet the ‘right’ man. But the entrance of reformed playboy, Tade, into her life was not exactly what she bargained for. While trying to deal with Tade, and the complications from his previous lifestyle, along came Femi Phillips but she wasn’t quite sure she could trust him. Should Tiwa stick with Tade whose family had already welcomed her with open arms or could she take a chance with Femi?...

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Wings of Healing

wings of healing

164 reads

Denola was shattered when Banji Adenle-Coker, turned his back on her eight years earlier. She had struggled to come to terms with his rejection and she's happy she finally has her life on course, a successful career as well as a fiancé who loves her. As Denola and her fiancé plan for their future, she’s unprepared for the emotional upheaval involved in trying to fit her past into her present. It also doesn’t help that Banji appears to have developed a renewed interest in her affairs. Will Denola be able to move forward into the new life that beckons at her, or will she have to revisit the past in order to step into the future?...

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