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How to fight evil spirits

how to fight evil spirits

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Whether you agree or not, evil spirits do exist. Either you choose to acknowledge their existence or you choose to ignore their influence. Evil spirits know you exist and they do not ignore you. This book is a quick guide to protect yourself from the influence of malicious spirits. This book is concise and gives direct information necessary for you to protect yourself from evil. Ignorance is not bliss...

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The Nothing

the nothing

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You don't believe in monsters? They are real. And they believe in you. This is a semi true life Story about a boy that goes to school in a suburban town. Only that the town has its mysteries. Whatever you do, do not go out at night because Nothing exist after midnight. The boy will be thrown into a fast paced struggle for survival against a supernatural entity that will posses everyone in the town. This is set to be the most African thrilling supernatural story ever. Warning readers discretion is advised. ...

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The Other Side part 2

the other side part 2

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This is the second part of the story about a boy's adventure into the thrilling unknown. This part explains it all; everything that happened. Also it has more action than the first part. The adventures of Adekunle is a story that will keep you entertained from the first chapter till the end. Adekunle will experience the world in the most amazing way and also the most dangerous thrilling fantasy adventure ever to come to the African scene. ...

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The Other Side part 1

the other side part 1

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This is a story about a boy who suffers from schizophrenia He sees things that are not there and everybody thought he was crazy. He went to sleep one day only to awake in the most mysterious of places. The only problem is that everything here wants to kill him This story is the first of 12 series in the Chronicles of Adekunle. Adekunle will experience the world in the most bizarre and also the most amazing adventure ever to come to the African scene....

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Me, my friends and the others

me, my friends and the others

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It all began when children started to go missing from the distant village of LARIN. They all thought it to be the actions of a vengeful spirit or demon but it was far worse. Not until a girl escaped and her testimony will bring about a revelation. What was to come is not only the demise of their village, but destruction of the whole world. The story is about five specialist whose encounters with the supernatural will explain our position in the never spiral that holds our world as well as everything else. The world is a not mystery but you should be cautious...

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