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Authentic Mama - Adult Only (18+)

authentic mama - adult only (18+)

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Paulina Omoregbe aka Iye Baby rules the night life of Nimbe town from her beer parlour with her magic touch and society connections. In spite of the constant dramas from fighting wives and jealous friends, she has succeeded in creating a good life for herself as a socialite and the President of the Imose Sisters Association of Accomplished and Distinguished Ladies. Her life is however thrown into commotion when a business deal goes bad, ushering her on to a downward spiral of confusion, disappointment and disaster. Can she overcome these challenges as she once did and create a new and better life for herself? This is a hilarious satire chronicling the lives of local mistresses and their hustle. This book will make you laugh and shake your head at the ridiculous reality of some people. 'I absolutely loved the book. It was amazing with intriguing narratives and plot.' - Femi Odugbemi ...

Our Son the Minister

our son the minister

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‘‘You see, back there in my room, I was doing some deep thinking. I asked myself ‘Makoji, how best can you serve your people without destroying all you stand for?’ I thought and thought and then the answer came, in a flash, and that is what I am about to share with you, I have decided to turn down the ministerial appointment.’’ It is a few hours to the swearing in of ministerial nominees and everyone thinks Dr. Makoji Ejembi has lost his mind, as they search for an urgent cure for him - Our Son the Minister. This is the winning play from the maiden edition of Beeta Playwright Competition organised by Beeta Universal Arts Foundation. It is a satire of the Nigerian situation and highlights societal culpability in making bad leaders. ...

Twenty Five at Fifty: Celebrating the Faithfulness of God

twenty five at fifty: celebrating the faithfulness of god

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In this memoir, Ven. Omotayo Aduloju reflects on his providential call to ordained ministry. As one of the most senior clergymen in the Diocese of Lagos, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, he discusses his experiences in some of the choicest parishes – Our Saviour’s Church TBS, The Cathedral Church Marina, St Peter’s Church Faji and the Church of the Nativity Parkview and reveals how staying true to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is paramount to succeeding in ministry and making a difference. He also frankly discusses some challenges ordained ministers encounter, and how through adhering to certain guiding principles and the grace of God, one is able to succeed. He has documented his life and ministry in this book as an inspiration and encouragement to young ministers and others so that they can all share in his experience of God’s faithfulness to a transformed and a grateful life. ...

Dynamics of Parenting Styles - Adult Only (18+)

dynamics of parenting styles - adult only (18+)

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Parenting is a huge responsibility that involves the nurturing, caring, instructing, educating, supporting and rearing of the total well-being of the child. This book explores the subject by examining the different styles of parenting and how it affects children behaviour. It has been written in a way that readers would be able to understand and identify with, buttressing the impact of each parenting style on child development with fables in the Nigerian context that illustrate their principles. The parenting styles examined in the book are the Authoritarian Parenting Style, the Permissive Parenting Style, the Authoritative Parenting Style and the Neglectful Parenting Style. The author has written an interesting and easily understood book by relating it to real life situations. This book would be of immense value to parents, would be parents and other caregivers as they seek to nurture and develop a future generation that will make us proud. - Dr. Atiemie Braide-Lolomari, Medical expert and family counselor. ...