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We Won’t Fade into Darkness

we won’t fade into darkness

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An abusive father is forced out of safety to find his runaway son in a world where males are going extinct and female monarchs have resorted to drastic methods to ensure continuity of the Nigerian race. An Ogbanje travels to the a near post-apocalyptic Nigeria from the past with a solution even she is not aware of. In a Nigeria where the British never left, a white boy who lives in Lagos seized a banned book from one of his Nigerian household serfs and their friendship yields disastrous consequences in passion fruit. In We Won’t Fade into Darkness, the past and the future comes to a head, indiscriminate exploitation of oil eventually yields Nigerium, a gaseous element that poisons air, destroys reproductive organs and drives people insane. The common thread in these stories, apart from its setting is the events is the lifeblood of every indigene, hope....

In the name of our Father

in the name of our father

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Two men. One dictator. A Country in Turmoil. Into this mix is thrown a new novel that threatens to expose the rotten underbelly of “a man of God” who has not only bewitched his flock but has sunk his fangs into the head of state. In this debut novel, Olukorede Yishau weaves a mesmerizing tale of duty, ambition, and hunger for power....

The Square Pegs

the square pegs

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The Square Pegs by David Obasa...

Night Dancer

night dancer

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Mma has just buried her mother, and now she is alone. She has been left everything: an apartment block in the Nigerian town of Enugu and enough money to last a lifetime. But she's also inherited her mother's bad name....

Crocodile Girl

crocodile girl

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Crocodile Girl by Sam Omatseye...