We hustle like men because we were raised to not depend on them. 

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Set two years after the Covid-19 pandemic. A front-line medical doctor whose family was hit hard by the viral plague narrates the critical decisions, painstaking moments and ultimately, the sacrifices she made at the war front battling the viral enemy....

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This story is the sequel to Departure and cannot be read as a standalone. Set immediately after the events of the first book, Amara inevitably moves in with her betrothed husband, Ebuka. However, something does not seem quite right with him. She probes deeper into his nonchalant attitude towards her and discovers a shocking truth she's unwilling to accept. Could he be a human trafficker or a serial killer? Will she get to reunite with her airport crush, Rotimi? Please leave a review. ...

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14 Years Of Rain

14 years of rain

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Deji, a socially awkward, closeted queer guy struggles to maintain his bare minimum job at an auto repair shop. However, when Akeem brings in his faulty Mustang for repairs, sparks begin to fly but uncertainty barricades them from speaking about it, but the rainbow gods have plans for these two. Akeem gets caught in the storm of a horrendous law and Deji must now fight for the freedom of his Mustang crush....

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Dear Santa, I Want A Chanel Bag

dear santa, i want a chanel bag

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After a detty December gone wrong, Ibisoba ends up having a child and an eternal apathy and hatred for Christmas. However, when snow begins to fall in Nigeria and the gist of Santa Claus coming to naija spreads like wildfire, her unbelief in Christmas would be threatened....

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By The Way, I Know You Cheated

by the way, i know you cheated

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Cheated on you? How do you deal with it? Breakup? Cheat back? Push them off 3rd mainland bridge? Pretend to not know they're cheating or slit their throats and dissolve the bodies in acid? The options are endless. Find out the bizarre options these two lovers chose in Ozurumba's haunting Novella. . Please kindly leave a review...

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