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What Every Single Should Know

what every single should know18+

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Love is one of the most complex concepts we humans find difficult to understand. It is complex because the parameter with which we measure it is based on wrong premises or assumptions, which most times, doesn’t make sense....

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master your money [naira boss]

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The content of this book, NAIRA BOSS, is the result of my journey to self-discovery. Upon discovery of these 10 money secrets, I put them to use and my life completely changed for the best. I have made the mistakes and I have suffered the consequences. I have burnt all my bridges and consequently have suffered financial isolation beyond your imagination. I have gone through all these but came out with pure gold which is in your hand now –NAIRA BOSS. I have made all the mistakes so YOU don't have to make them anymore. All that I have learnt from my mistakes and many more are here for you to read and learn from. STUDY these laid down principles, use them to MASTER YOUR MONEY so that you can grow the financial empire that you desire. It's never too late to take charge of your finances and by extension your life. Get up and get started; be the next NAIRA BOSS. MASTER YOUR MONEY! ...

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Simdi The Super Girl

simdi the super girl

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Simdi’s grandmother had always told her that talking to strangers was not wise, but she just couldn’t keep to herself. It appeared curiosity ran in her blood. It was like a major motivation that always fueled her actions. She had long forgotten what she and her grandma had talked about earlier in the day. All that ran through her very young mind was how to gain as much knowledge as she could from anyone that came around. Read to find Out More!...

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Full Book : 21 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR CHILD SHINE by Godfrey C.Ekwnife

full book : 21 ways to make your child shine by godfrey c.ekwnife

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The principles in this book are born out of my continuous intercession for your marriage and other marriages all over the world. It is base on biblical principle which many has abounded ignorantly to chase after the solution the world is offering which are nothing but shadow. In reality, these solutions that the world offer will only exploit and destroy anybody who embraces them. This book offer solutions that are based on the word of God which is the only solid foundation that can withstand storm, rain, and earth quake which are sure to come in your children’s life time. ...

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9jaMentors Feburary 2016

9jamentors feburary 2016

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Nigeria Historical content magazine that is focuses on Nigeria historical biographies,places,memoirs and events that will inspire our readers. Our core aim is to inspire patriotism in the mind of our targeted audience....

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