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The Journey to Forever

the journey to forever

79 reads

Esther has always wondered if there is more to life than what her small village offers and when an old man comes to the village square one fateful day to invite people on a journey with destiny, she jumps at the chance. Little does she know the perils and dangers that await her on the journey and how close she will come to giving up. The Journey to Forever is a fast-paced thriller that tells a tale of hope, loss, faith, trials, self-discovery, doubt and a search for meaning....

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Pieces of Me

pieces of me

44 reads

Pieces of Me by Opeyemi is a raw and undiluted collection of poems that speaks from the heart about the pains associated with her dark journey through the tunnel of depression. It touches on the influence of depression on self-love, esteem, sabotage, relationships, happiness and more. Opeyemi was able to portray the blood trails of her depression all the way back to its roots, giving us an inside view of the instigators. Pieces of Me is an inspiring read....

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The Pursuit

the pursuit

556 reads

Sara is caught in a love triangle between Ade who she loves and Josh who professes undying love to her. Ade brings out the dark side in her while Josh tries to lead her in the right path. Will she be strong enough to face the demons of her past and let Josh into her life? Will Ade be willing to let her go?...

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