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His Majesty  02

his majesty 02

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This is the sequel of His Majesty and it can not be read as a stand-alone, you have to read the first book before you can read this one. It’s been three years since Richard got separated from Vanessa. What do you think will happen when these two meet again? Will the past stand in their way? Will things still be the same between them? Do you think they can still find love right where they area? Read to find out....

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His Majesty

his majesty

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Richard and Vanessa are both two sides of a coin. Name it anything ,they're opposite. But one thing brought them together, a string called fake date and another strengthened it ,a spring called surrogacy while another displayed it ,a bond called love. Be charmed and enticed by their love story....

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A Summer to Remember

a summer to remember

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This is the first book in the Traveler’s series. It’s a short story too. This book entails the preparation of a Nigerian girl to travel to India. A place she has longed to be since she was a child. Even though, people saw this as a strange dream, she still didn’t give up until she was able to achieve her goal. Unknowing to her, it was the start of something new. A summer to Remember ...

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Being African#Campus Challenge

being african#campus challenge

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Name: Anastasia School: Unilorin Department: Urban and Regional Planning Level: 400 Story Description This story is focused on the narrator's life, upbringing, childhood and events that happened all around her. It's also all about the vision and dreams of the narrator for Africa. ...

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