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Your Calling - Unfold The Package

your calling - unfold the package

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For some time, the Holy Spirit has been impressing in me the need to write some books as my modest contributions towards positioning people to receive salvation and growth in the Lord. Although taking up this assignment was rather slow, Holy Spirit did not cease to urge me to write. But for His love, kindness, and patience, He could probably have shoved me aside and assigned the work to someone else. For this wonderful privilege given and the patience of the Holy Spirit, I am deeply grateful. This book intends to ignite the passion of the readers for Jesus Christ and position them to search out the true meaning of life which this book - Your Calling: unfold the Package - aptly represents. May God Almighty bless you as you search out yours and zero yourself to its fulfillment. ...

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Exploring the Efficacy of Christ's Blood

exploring the efficacy of christ's blood

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God has given the blood as a corresponding centrality and importance to spiritual life as He gave to physical life. Just as the physical attributes of blood include cleansing and detoxification so does its spiritual attributes include cleansing and atoning for sin! ”No blood, no life”. Our redemption was fully paid for at the cross. Do not be a fish in a barrel that the devil may pick up at will. It’s time we rose to the challenges that life brings us by utilizing the powerful weapon given to us by Jesus —His precious blood. The blood has the authority to quench and terminate all that looks unpleasant in our lives. Remember that the blood speaks but will not be heard until we speak. If the blood must speak for us, we must first speak God’s Word over our lives. ...

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