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TAMAR.. Breaking Off The Shackles Of Abuse

tamar.. breaking off the shackles of abuse

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In TAMAR, I tell the epic story of three women whose names bonded them-TAMAR. Raped by a brother, Denied by her father-in-law and raised by an abused aunt respectively, all three women aptly represent the various forms of abuse faced by men and women in our societies today. Buried in its pages is lasting freedom from all forms of abuse- physical, emotional, financial and even spiritual! Relevant to men and women...

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7 signs you are sabotaging your future and how to rescue it

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Many people think it’s okay to just have a dream and work hard or smart (whatever your school of thought). However, success in all of its holistic definition is more than that! In this book, Anne Atulaegwu interestingly shows you 7 warning signs that you might be ruining all you are currently working for and how to GET BACK ALL you’ve ignorantly or mistakenly ruined. Love your future? Read this fast...

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PROTHESIS-An Exposition on your destiny

prothesis-an exposition on your destiny

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Have you ever desired a life in which you were truly relevant and celebrated? The dream in your heart deserves expression and you deserve a fulfilling life. God wants to make you His celebrity. Say Goodbye to uncertainty, fear and rejection as you embrace the best version of you today! In this book, you will: Learn details about God's perfect design for your life. Learn to let God lead you into His flawless purpose for you. Understand the link between your gifts/talents and your purpose. Understand the power and purpose of a personal covenant with God Learn to walk in obedience to God's direction Get powerful glimpses into your destiny Be empowered to make your mark, be relevant and live fulfilled. This book challenges you to move from where you are to where you ought to be - a glorious fulfilling life! Join Anne Atulaegwu, as she takes you on a journey to fulfillment....

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