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Things Form Again (A village of no Man)

things form again (a village of no man)

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In this novel, all the men of a land once flowing with milk and honey are completely wiped-out by a traditional military force, under the leadership of an ambitious man. In solidarity to their men and male children, the women decide to remain on their land until they all pop their clogs. But the decision of the women does not last for long. The realization of their feebleness and the future lives of their children overwhelms it. The fate of the continuity of this clan then rests on the shoulders of four pregnant women. The struggle begins. Does any these women give birth to a male child? Are they able to save the clan? Or do the women give up on their decision to remain on their land? Find out in this interestingly suspenseful novel, THINGS FORM AGAIN (a village of no man) . For a bigger picture, this story illustrates hope for the people of a nation or country where things have heavily fallen apart. Among other symbolisms, it rides on our capacity to never give up, stand strong through the fight, and promises assuredly a brighter tomorrow. Certainly, things will form again. - GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY...

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Wanting To Meet Her (#CampusChallenge)

wanting to meet her (#campuschallenge)

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Name: Olaposi Inioluwa Prince Level: 100 Department: Law School: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Wordcount: 3455 Synopsis: Wanting To Meet Her is a short story narrated over a plot of less than twenty-four hours. In a relatively depressed and frustrated state, Simon saves a lady from falling, and there the thirst begins. This story may depict a lot, packed with affection, but far much more than romance. ...

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THE PERSONAL ACT - Aren't we Lazy??

the personal act - aren't we lazy??

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In a nut shell, I expressively analyse the problem of Nigeria, and many other Africa nations, giving significant illustrations to point home my view. This a life-based article, communicated through outstanding choice of words. Note: This is just my view. It may reveal the truth to you, it mayn't, it's just my view. Read, explore and enjoy!! ...

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The Incredible Journey

the incredible journey

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Life can be a bunch of disappointments sometimes, but steadfastness in faith, coupled with work, produces hope, which in return leads to fulfilment and satisfaction of goals. This is the story of a young girl, who faces so many hardships and privations in the course of making a trip to her grandmother's house. ...

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