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PastorZoned is a story of a young lady(Ademide) who Pastor-Zoned her Pastor all because she hated to be a Pastor's wife. Pastor David who is also a celebrity Pastor is young, rich and very much in love with her but she cared less. Will She let her guard down? Find out in this book....

Broken Hedge

broken hedge

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Enjoy the ride as this book unveils the world of Crystal, her circle of friends, her complicated family story and of course the love of her life; their passion drove them into breaking the hedge. Would they survive the serpent bite?...

I Fell In Love

i fell in love

29 reads

This is a story of a young lady, wemmy. Who has to choose between the man she loves and the man who loves her. She finally made her choice to be with the man she loves. Will she regret her action? Find out in this inspirational book....

Wrong Number

wrong number

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Sometimes, love is found in strange places. At a point, when Daniella, a.k.a Pamilerin decided to give up on love nd move on with her life, she received. Phone call from a wrong number and a new journey began. Will she find love again?...



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Anike is a story about a young 19 year old girl. Circumstances of life caused her to make decisions that turned her life around. At 22, she met a wealthy, influential 52years old man who loved her to a fault. She was stucked with a man old enough to be her father. Will she end up marrying him or not. Find out in this book....