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Malakhala- Taboo Has Run Naked

malakhala- taboo has run naked

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Introduction Malakhala: Taboo Has Run Naked is a compilation of original poetry by fresh new voice Rex U. Clarke. The book is an essential poetic analysis of the human condition, especially human desire. Using a unique style of poetic writing, Clarke’s collection of fictional poetry explores personal motivations, overlapping points of view, and raw, passionate human emotion. In Malakhala: Taboo Has Run Naked, Clarke examines topics such as customary taboos, religion, dictatorship, political correctness, cultural norms, wars, human relationships, love, and effects of climate change. The poems encompass the author’s life experiences as a new writer observing complex societal issues in our world today. Poetry is Clarke silent protest. Highlighting the sociological and political ills in Nigerian society and throughout the African continent, Malakhala: Taboo Has Run Naked draws attention to poverty, exposes corruption, examines economic servitude and colonisation—all of which are still prevalent in Africa today. The collections of issues in the continent spurred a poetic response, resulting in this valuable compilation of #OWNvoices poetry. These poems also examine man’s relationship to poverty, to religion, and to those that control both. When one might expect a hostile response, the infusion of thought and exploration of spirit and gods are uplifting poetic alternatives that give credence to beliefs once held in pre-colonial time Note from the author: There are events, circumstances, and feelings in our lives that help us tell a unique story. Mine was no exception as I seek to join the infinite list of African writers. Malakhala: Taboo Has Run Naked is an important collection of poetic works from a fresh new #OWNvoices writer depicting sociological issues in African society. Cultural issues, religious analysis, environmental impacts of climate change, economic abuse of colonisation and other valid topics of poetic lament are explored through a broad but nuanced lens. What strikes me about this collection is the undercurrent of hope in the midst of oppression, which I find both illuminating and heart-warming. Reminiscent of classic epic poetry, this collection will take you on a journey of enlightenment and cultural awareness. --Christina M Ward, author of organic...

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