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The Reason For Living

the reason for living

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About the Author Eresanya Folasade is an Educator that is interested in helping lives to be their best. She is also a Writer and an Entrepreneur. She graduated from the department of Computer Science in Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) in 2012. Her enthusiasm in encouraging individuals to become their best no matter what life presents to them; initiated the creation of an online-platform called "Do You Know?" She is married to her husband, Dr. Eresanya Emmanuel and blessed with two children. About the book Life is a gift. It is guided by the principles of Love and Obedience. The Giver of Life blessed us with the precious gift; to bring-forth His Glory and Honor. It is a great privilege for being alive. However, Life becomes golden and well-use when we all get connected to the Giver of Life. The REASON FOR LIVING is a book written to awaken us in discovering who we are, and allow us to browse through what really we must live for....

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