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then came the new mind

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Do you find it difficult controlling your thoughts? Does it seem wrong/negative thoughts are your normal thoughts? Are you getting frustrated, depressed, or anxious almost all the time? Well, I have good news for you I'm bringing you a different message today: your story can change. Because I was once there... This book encompasses my mind journey. All that I have been through, and how the Lord has delivered me when I least expected it. Along the line, the Lord taught me a whole lot through His Word, books, and revelations. There were a series of programs, mentorship, and seminars too So, by God's grace, I'll be taking us on a journey in this book and I hope you enjoy the ride. The principles I'll be sharing here are not just knowledge I acquired but also that which I have applied and they worked for me. I believe they will do the same for you. I will not tell you my mind is now heaven on earth, but I will comfortably tell you I'm always having breakthroughs and the growth is incessant. Do you remember that popular phrase ' I wouldn't wish this for my enemy' I think this is one of those experiences I will say I can't wish for my enemy, not even a friend? However, I believe you picked this book, not by accident. The lord has plans for your victory as well, and if you can take this journey seriously, you will surely come out victorious....

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