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Pregnancy Companion

pregnancy companion

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Pregnancy is a blessing from God. For He has said, “None shall be barren in the land" (Exodus 23:26) This book came from a desire to be a blessing to young mothers. Some years before now, the Lord instructed me to mentor young ladies and I yielded to His instruction and right before my eyes, as I laboured with the grace of God, I saw young ladies who initially had no direction for their lives become women of great substance, passion and vision. Their phase of life started changing; they became wives and then expectant mothers and at this stage, I noticed that my beloved protégées had lots of questions and need for clarification on pregnancy. God put it in my heart to answer these questions, and share with women on supernatural childbirth, things to expect when you're having a baby, the care of a baby, in a form that is reproducible. Hence, this book. Pregnancy Companion is not a medical book, but one to stir up faith and give general information to help expectant mothers. I encourage every Christian woman and the men that love them to have this book as a companion as they will find it useful for conception, childbirth and newborn care....

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Your Authority in Christ

your authority in christ

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Authority sets order and order, in turn, establishes authority. Identity is the foundation of authority. Being is rooted in identity. You cannot live out your essence without knowing who you are. Authority is the driver of influence. "Your Authority In Christ" is a book written to set God's order to your life, family, ministry, career, business, and to the society at large. Many Christians who are born to reign as kings live like slaves, owing to ignorance of their identity in Christ. As a result of this, there has been a generational authority gap which has caused a wane in the Christian influence and leadership in the society. The Church is the light of the world; the light of society. Therefore, the consciousness of believers' authority must be restored to the Church in full, so that society may reflect the glory of God, for which it was created....

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Pure Milk

pure milk

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Every new believer in Christ needs a level playing ground, a beginner’s first steps, and basic understanding of Christianity going forward. The Gospel is simple, but not without a guide, just as most ‘complex’ subjects of learning in the world are simplified with teaching and guidance. Pure Milk is a new believer’s guide to good and rounded understanding of Christianity in light of all that Jesus Christ has done for mankind in His substitutionary work at Calvary. Pure Milk is pure, simple, practical, revelational, and enlightening. It is not rocket science. It is God’s Word in itssimplest digestible form. I call it the believer’s guide into the fullness of Christ; it is a compass of the believer on the path of life, a launchpad unto Christian maturity. I recommend that every new and old believer in Christ read and study Pure Milk. For the new believer in Christ, it gives a good foundation for life and destiny; and for the old believer, a continual reinforcement of faith in Christ. God bless you....

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5ms of ministry

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Do you want to move your ministry to the next level? Are you tired of not getting the desired results that your heart craves for? Do you want to know the ancient biblical secrets of taking your ministry a notch higher? Do you care to avoid the common pitfalls that older ministers fell into that hampered their ministries? Do you desire effectiveness in ministry that precipitates uncommon success? Do you want to know the vital elements of ministry that make for exploits and skyscraping success? The 5Ms of Ministry by Pastor Segun Obadje (PhD) is the ministry material with the contents to answer your long-standing questions about ministry and equip you with the technical know-how as to ministry ethics, leadership in ministry, communication skills, the vital elements of ministry, etc. Welcome to a world of endless ministry possibilities and realities as you read this book....

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