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Patricide (A murder tale) (#CampusChallenge)

patricide (a murder tale) (#campuschallenge)

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I'm Samuel Sope, a 400l Quantity Surveying student of the University of Lagos. The total word count is 4235. A young man murders his own father while his mother watched. The book details the reason for the murder and the events that led up to it. ...

 Secrets of Arile

secrets of arile

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Trying to cope with the death of her parents, Dami a young girl with the dream to become a historian journeys to her hometown to say her final goodbyes. She was accompanied by her uncle's driver Lanre, an incredibly charming guy with secrets of his own. After waking up in bed with a lapse in her memory to meet a frantic Lanre who seemed to have lost his mind following a previous visit to the morgue, Dami began to understand that there was more to the quiet town of Arile. ...