Sinmisola ‘Sinmi’ Ogúnyinka is an author, wife, mother, movie producer, and talk-show host. She is also a graduated Craftsman student of the Jerry... more

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A Miracle this Christmas

a miracle this christmas

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Barasuene last saw Tomiwa Ade-Cole five years ago. If she had her way, forever was not even enough time to be apart. As long as she lived, she never wanted to see him again. If you asked Tomiwa Ade-Cole though, he was a changed man and all he wanted from Barasuene was her forgiveness. Or was it? Meant to Be is a romantic, Christmas tale of forgiveness with a good dose of humour and a love so sweet, that just won’t let go! Onose Callima-Inino is a medical doctor who loves to write, speak and cook! She enjoys telling wholesome, ‘home-grown’ Christian contemporary romance stories. She lives with her husband and four children in Lagos State, Nigeria. Learn more at Zeke Collins is feeling lonely and dreading a quiet Christmas after his younger brother, Ziya, got married and moved out of their shared apartment. But God had a miracle waiting for Zeke this Christmas in the person of Grace. Except that Grace - her attitude or story - looked nothing like a miracle. In Routing for Grace, Zeke gets quite an exciting Christmas, definitely more than he bargained for. Author Sinmisola “Sinmi” Ogúnyinka is thrilled to bring to you her first Christmas romance story after almost two decades of writing, teaching, and blogging. She lives with her family in Philadelphia, USA, or wherever the Lord leads her husband to start a church. Read more from her at

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Inspiring Short Stories from the Bible

inspiring short stories from the bible

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Inspiring Short Stories is a series of beautiful fiction stories on-the-go. In this edition from the Bible, we look at some Bible stories that resonate with us in different and contemporary ways. We read the story of Leah, and Rahab, David, and one of my favorites, the third captain. I enjoyed gaining insight into these stories, and I hope you will enjoy them as well – Sinmisola Ogúnyinka, 2020©...

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Such a Proposal

such a proposal

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A TRUE DREAM novel is a short fiction story told from the character point-of-view on the romantic journey to get married. It is true romance that should leave you warm and dreamy. Araba Naidal is rich, handsome and he knows it. But this fact doesn’t seem to work out well for him with women or why would he make a proposal so preposterous, Raven Baatjie has doubts about his authenticity. A proposal so outrageous, every aspect of her life is turned upside down by it; she vows it must change his life too, unless she has nothing to do about it!...

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Under a Red Delta Sun

under a red delta sun

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In Under a Red Delta Sun, three teenagers fight for survival under the least likely circumstances in a world ruled by evil men. There is fifteen-year-old Asabi Ajayi, who is so close to getting away from her abusive stepfather; her best friend and ally, Temly Cole, who suddenly goes missing without a trace; and Fela Peter, whose Christian family treats like an outsider. Alone and afraid, the three must make a daring journey to freedom. ...

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Her Lover

her lover

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Nikky goes missing a few days after her birthday. Her roommate and best friend, Amanda, is worried about her and reaches out to CJ, Nikky’s boyfriend, a notorious defense attorney, for help. CJ is in for a shock when he discovers Nikky’s lifestyle but agrees to follow a wild lead to find her, questioning his motives because of his attraction to Amanda. The lead ends the duo on a bush path but only opens another deadly one with Amanda on the run for her life and CJ desperate to keep her from harm to pursue their mutual attraction. ...

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