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making a diabetic diet

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Do you know what diabetes is? Are you living with a diabetic condition? What possible complications may one living with diabetic condition face? Do you care about improving the diabetic condition? How do you achieve this? Can the condition be reversed? Making a Diabetic Diet has exposited on the diabetic condition as one linked to the diet. Sustained and effective control of diabetes is almost impossible without some degree of dietary regulations. Yet, many foods of the world, especially of Africa, but specifically of Nigeria are inimical to the control of diabetes. If so, is diabetes a death sentence? Making a Diabetic Diet is a must-read for you. Venerable Sokale has combined his medical knowledge with his Faith to dare to research, experiment and reverse his diabetic condition using diet. The result is what is documented in this book. Will it work for you and your loved ones? To find answers to all these questions, buy this book, Making a Diabetic Diet, and give as gifts....

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