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Not Fairy-Tale

not fairy-tale

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Fejiro Oberabor didn't consider it a loss when he boyfriend, Tega, broke up their relationship so he could date the woman his mother wanted. She pulled through and landed on her feet when the new man in her life, Kane, started giving her the cold treatment after they had sex and she wound up pregnant. But when she fell in love with Chef Cheta and realised that he was indeed the man her heart has been searching desperately for, she knew, beyond every doubt, that love, romance and happily ever after were not just fairy tales. They were real... but only when if you wanted them enough to fight for them. And while she was fighting in the one way she knew how to, Cheta Nnanna wasn't convinced the romantic-head woman in his life was ready for true commitment... that is, if he was ready to give it....

Definitely Sealed

definitely sealed

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There was only one woman for him and that was Kristi. So his mother said to him. But Kristi was all set to move on with her life and she didn't seem to want Levi to be a part of it anymore. . For Kristi, it was simple really, it was either his ladylove, Zikora, or her... no sharing. . In Definitely Sealed, Kristi and Levi are thrown together as joint owners of Mama's Kitchen Restaurant and now they have to find out if love, trust and a future together was for them again. *...

All Business

all business

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Ima loved her life just the way it was and she did not plan on changing it anytime soon. But fate usually has a different plan... and now she's been made PA to the workaholic slave driver Director, Tekena Cookey. And even worse, the impossible man dared order her not to succumb to the illusion of finding him attractive on her first day. As if she would! But she did. And oh well, life went from strictly business to weekend pleasures and a few kissing-interludes in the office. It should be paradise, but Ima was worried she might just be another conquest on her boss's bed. *** For Tekena Cookey, he was walking a pathway he'd forbidden himself never to walk again. He didn't want to find his curvy built PA attractive, but he did. And surprisingly, he didn't just want a roll in the sack either. But what did he want? *** ALL BUSINESS... #1 of the Workplace Romance Trilogy. Once it was strictly business, now it was irresistible pleasure. But what next?...