He's a Broadway talker who's somewhat a Private Relationship Coach. Being compelled by the contemporary misunderstanding of real love and lasting... more

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A Love Full of Stars

a love full of stars

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The word love is certainly one of the most misrepresented word in our world today. Is it really love or is it lust? Is it really love or do you just really like the attention? Is it really love or is it loneliness? Is it really love? Or do you just feel excited to see them—your lovers? We have to be able to differentiate because when we don’t—and possibly moved on with it—we set ourselves up for future break ups, divorces and heartbreaks, and it is also unfair on the other person, your significant other. At times I do wonder what the average lifespan of a relationship is today? People are not genuinely looking for love anymore, rather they are just looking for excitement or money. While some are not willing to put the effort into relationships anymore. Consequently, out of the perplexed and puzzled nature of relationships today, partners ignorantly and confusedly revert to splitting up, divorce or just ultimately settling with someone they no longer love. I don’t understand how people are okay with themselves knowing they have emotionally destroyed someone—who gave it all to love with them! They way to navigate these nascent challenges and avoid making costly mistakes is clearly highlighted in this book. In writing this book, it has been my prayer that you will not delay finding the end to your quest—being in a loving relationship—a moment longer. ...

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