Success Akpojotor (born 3 January, 1990) is a novelist, screenwriter, short story writer, playwright and bard, and writes about real people in... more

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Sex and Lagos City 3

sex and lagos city 3

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Governor Victoria has faked her death in order to elope with the woman she loves to a city where same-sex marriage is legally recognized. But she doesn't know she's about to open the Pandora's box....

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Sex and Lagos City

sex and lagos city

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Lagos. The fieriest, ritziest, most reckless realm of profligates. It is 2014. Bode Ross savagely possesses his wife - Asa. The State takes him to court - and things are about to get filthy. Until the sexy, smart and beautiful Wura - a Senior Advocate - appears from the blue to defend Bode. But Wura has a motive - a stone to kill many birds: Get vengeance, vengeance and vengeance. And she'll do anything to get it. But she cannot control the future. She enters Governor Victoria's book; and Governor Victoria will do anything to change her son's sexual orientation....

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Sex and Lagos City 2

sex and lagos city 2

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A twisted saga of dark passions and forbidden love in the Lagos metropolis returns to enthrall a new generation. Being the Governor of Lagos can be trying. Victoria Awolowo, Governor of Lagos should know. But when she winds up an unwilling victim of blackmail to her American helicopter pilot, Femi Francisco, she realizes she'll do anything to keep her secret out of reach. Just where you think it starts, is where it all begins. This is the sequel that punches you in the stomach and then kisses you on the cheek. You'll enjoy this series if you're mourning the end of Sex and Lagos City, you never read Sex and Lagos City but meant to, or you'd like to be introduced to the life in Lagos that you haven't experienced....

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