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A Day at Church

a day at church

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If you are in my line of work, it is easy to realize that there is hardly time for church at all. I work all day, round the clock, in between shifts, including the weekends. Well, I might get a day off, once in a while, but, it does not come often. Ever since the Sabbath was moved, it became even more difficult to rest on Sundays. Do not get me wrong; I am not complaining. I might even enjoy my job more than I think I do. This week was a little different in a way. I had to prepare for the Church I was assigned to....

The Day I slept

the day i slept

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I slept again and woke up. This time, I was a toddler. I smelt the fresh scent of the wet grass because it had just rained. I was outside as mom washed clothes. She sat me down at a little distance away from her, and I played with a car toy. I was really enjoying the play until something else caught my attention. It was so interesting because it came to me itself. It seemed as though I could understand how it felt. It was cold from the rain. Then, it dawned on the adult me, inside the toddler me, it was a snake. It slithered towards me and I crawled towards it. I was trying so hard to stop myself but I would not stop. I tried to touch its head and it dodged my hands. I guess I was too slow. I grasped its tail. It rapped itself around my hands and pointed its head. Then, I knew it was a cobra. ..............

The Portrait (The Trapped Preachers and the Demon)

the portrait (the trapped preachers and the demon)

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This book is a christian short story about an ancient artifact which holds the secret to the history and deliverance of a community. It is a simple thriller and suspense story that will hook you up till the end....

Walking Over the Storms of Life

walking over the storms of life

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At every point in life, we are meant to face challenges. One crucial lesson we have got to learn is how to ride on challenges till we rise above them. Jesus showed us this is very possible when He walked on the sea, not just calm but a boisterous stormy sea. He did not just walk on it alone, He invited Peter to join him. We can see clearly that the challenges and storms of life are never meant to overcome us. In fact, we are not meant to struggle with these storms of life. Just as Jesus walk confidently and smoothly over the stormy sea, so are we, Christians, meant to walk over the storms we face in life, till we rise above them or the storms subsides....

Why Study The Bible?

why study the bible?

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With the numerous books and texts in the world, why consider reading the Bible? First, you must understand that the Word of God is not in the letters found in the Bible. The Word of God is a Person. The Person is Christ. Read this book and find out at least 24 reasons why you should study the Bible......