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The Marriage Ultimatum ssr

the marriage ultimatum

777 reads

Desperate to protect the child her sister left in her care, Kaine agrees to marry Dominic Kojo-Edwards and move with him to Cape Verde, leaving behind family and friends. Now, what she thought would only be a marriage of convenience is turning into a rush of emotions and inevitable attraction, so she is faced with the fresh problem of keeping the beautiful and snooty Camilla away from her husband and winning Dominic's love without divulging the secret that she wasn't the baby's mother. *** The Marriage Ultimatum is the prequel of Never Let You Go, also here on Okada Store....

Operation Stop The Wedding! ssr

operation stop the wedding!

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Business arch-rivals, Alexandra Ameze Iguodaro and Reginald Akin-Thomas, must put aside their mutual dislike for each other and rivalry to stop a wedding. So, they declare, 'operation stop the wedding!' and went into combat mode to win back their significant others. But what they did not bargain for was the feelings that started sprouting inside of them... And the bride and groom having plans of their own! Operation Stop The Wedding!... a humorous and heart-warming romance novel....

Key To My Heart ssr

key to my heart

32 reads

Small town farmer, Patti, can't stand city-bred men and their smooth ways, not after her bad experiences with them. So, when the new doctor at the medical centre started paying attention to her, she had all her defenses up and her heart locked. But Dr Isidore considered breaking the walls around snooty and uptight Miss Patti's heart one challenge he didn't intend to lose. Key To My Heart... an enthralling romance novella....

Dinner For Two ssr

dinner for two

1K reads

Two hearts in love. There can be no barriers... if they believe. **A Free-Read Novelette**...

Kiss By Moonlight ssr

kiss by moonlight

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“Steal a kiss under the moonlight and win a beau.” That was what the True Love Zodiac Readings said, and hyped on alcohol and a blistering temper, Zinny grabs a man out of the partying crowd and plants a solid one on his bemused lips. Then she walks away… to sleep off a whack night. At least, so she thinks. But she’s having a rethink when the man she kissed is standing in front of her, in her home premises, and he’s going nowhere as he’s now her newly-moved in neighbour. It’s tough times for usually impulsive and desperate-to-find-love Zinny as she to learn to think with her head and not with her emotions. *** Will she win herself true love… or just more trouble? *** KISS BY MOONLIGHT: a short romance novella. ...