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Unlocking Your Potential Power: The Renaissance Gentleman's Guide

unlocking your potential power: the renaissance gentleman's guide

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With Cancel Culture now responsible for the loss of careers of a lot of prominent men, it has become necessary to understand why an individual could reach the peak of their careers only to come crashing down like a pack of cards. Experiential learning pointed to the fact that many people can attain financial success through scrupulous and unscrupulous means. But without a foundation anchored on their innate authentic self, all were bound to crash eventually unless they course-corrected. Upon x-raying the lives of different great men, the author realised that what sets apart the great men from the rest was the foundation they laid at the cusp of their adulthood. The current western educational system is not perfect, and lots of the traits and capabilities required to have a meaningful life are never taught in schools. Many seeking to achieve success, happiness, a healthy body, and a healthy mind are left confused about where and how to start on such a journey. Men most especially, are on the receiving end of the anti-masculinity sentiment pervading the globe, which leaves them confused as to whether they are living right, and if not how best to transform their situation. The author’s mission in this guide and beyond, therefore, is to simply highlight what he considers fundamental for a man ( women included) to have a fulfilling life while minimising behaviours and habits that will eventually come back to haunt him in the latter stages of his life. This guide further states actions that can be undertaken by a curious and discerning mind towards enhancing the functionality of his body, mind, and essence (soul). Through a harmonious existence, they can unlock their dormant powers to achieve a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Obinna grew up as an exceptionally curious and precocious person with a lot of life privileges. As an articulate Attorney, Writer, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, his life purpose is to leave an enduring legacy of openness, happiness, and love, using his body, voice, and mental acuity as the tools. And in this guide, he offers a bit of himself to the readers. Although this book is deliberately titled ‘Unlocking your Potential Power: The Renaissance Gentleman’s Guide to Success in His 20s and Beyond’ the author enjoins all who seek an easier and more meaningful existence to give it a read....

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