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Almost everything in Shola's life seems to be falling apart. With a rain of emotions breaking him, Shola faces the temptation of returning to his past life of women and alcohol, yet no matter how sweet it was, he must also remember it's a past that almost cost him his life. But will Tobi's long kept secret be the final blow that pushes him over? Tobi is fed up with the deception that is her marriage after hiding her true sexuality for years. She has only wanted one thing in life: freedom. And she's so close to getting it. The itch to leave her husband for a woman appeals to her day by day. One thing is clear, she must also deal with the consequences of her actions when everything comes crumbling. This is one story of crumbling hearts and, a touch of hope....

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He Sees Me

he sees me

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God, do you see me? Or am I just existing? Life happens. Disappointments arises. Discouragement comes; and it's more painful when it comes from the ones you trust. Then the lies come, whispering you were and can never be good enough. In a world where the pressure is on to be noticed and accepted, you should know God loves and chooses you. He chooses you all the time. Don't live in the wake of insecurities and let depression weigh you down. He Sees Me will show you how to fight to get victory over the lies of the enemy and truly see yourself the way God sees you....

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My Conversations with God

my conversations with god

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Remember Eliana in 'Once Upon A First Love'? With witty and heartfelt conversations, Eliana Afolayan shows us the importance of viewing God as more than Lord, but as a friend. In My Conversations with God, you will see the joy that comes from freedom in being yourself with God, sharing your deepest thoughts and troubles. . . And basking in the peace gotten from answers He alone can provide. Talking to God is as easy as taking your next breath. He's Lord over the earth, a Friend, Lover and Father. Listen, and He will speak. ...

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Dance With Me

dance with me

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The past is a tricky place. For some it's a place to be desperately held on to, for others a place never to be revisited. For Micah Oramah, the pain of a profound loss has caused his faith to be shaken. Blinded by grief, he questions if serving God is actually worth it. Tomboy and makeup artist, Zainab Baruwa-Phillips is head over heels in love with God. The only cloud is her past which she is desperate to erase. However, she'll learn that her past is a strength God is looking to use for his glory. In Dance With Me, you'll experience the beauty of our individuality to God....

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Efe gives love another chance when good-looking Amanze decides to pursue her. It doesn’t matter that she’s still a married woman or that her husband, Daniel, long since abandoned her for another woman. She’s determined to get it right with Amanze. Even if it means going against God’s wishes. Doesn’t everyone every girl deserve a chance to be loved?...

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