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A Love for Tomorrow (FREE CHAPTER)

a love for tomorrow (free chapter)

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...love in a hopeless place... After one drunken encounter at a mutual friend's wedding, Frank doesn't expect to meet the stranger with sad eyes who bullied his daughter ever again. When he walks into his brother's bookstore and meets the new store attendant, he is surprised to find out she is the same person. Taking care of her son and juggling a budding writing career is top on Seun's list of priorities, followed immediately by avoiding her baby daddy. The moment she sets eyes on her boss' younger brother though, she knows it spells trouble for her heart and her already fragile domino-stack of a life. They are both single parents and the last thing on their minds is love. Sometimes though, life has other plans. When an old flame threatens their new found friendship and hope, their lives are turned upside down. Will they find redemption in the midst of so much hurt, pain and chaos?...

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Where the Lotus Grows

where the lotus grows

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What comes next when life deals unexpected blows? From a great life in America to a simple hospital in Nigeria, Karen Adebayo wears the pain of her past, till she finds love with hotshot lawyer, Taiwo Gbolahan. However, her newfound happiness is threatened by the untold tragedy that his family’s death has caused....

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The Room

the room

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A woman is imprisoned by a psychopath who uses her for his sexual escapades and soon, she becomes as crazy as he is...maybe even more...

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How The Great Have Fallen (#CampusChallenge)

how the great have fallen (#campuschallenge)

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Name: Ogunyinka Oyinkansola Amazing-Grace, Level: 400 Level, Department: Mass Communication, School: Covenant University, Word Count: 3,124 How The Great Have Fallen details the enigmatic rise and fall of controversial Nigerian Senator Baja. The tale is honestly told through the eyes of his only daughter, Nini, who is almost drowned in the vortex of her father's political saga....

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