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Swift Dismay

swift dismay

628 reads

When her life choices started catching up with her conscience, she wanted out. She wanted to elope with the wrongest guy, a guy who was loyal to the devil she was running away from...

Guns for the Reverend

guns for the reverend

448 reads

Inspired by real events of how some streets boys wanted to impress their state governor who had a public enemy. A reverend! A reverend who talked too much and wouldn't mind his business. They had a plan, a plan that went south. ...

Kate's Diary

kate's diary

1K reads

Kate was chosen, She didn't know. she couldn't, it was her mother's mistakes it made it so so she couldn't know. Misfortune clogged her path as a result, result of her mother's mistakes. She walked a dreaded path daily, but her mother's mistakes kept her alive. Kate's Diary tell these tales....

She Had a Name

she had a name

1K reads

This is a story of a girl who just wanted to fit in. She wanted to be normal, but being normal just wasn't for her, especially when she pushed too hard. ...